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The Little Free Food Pantry in Berkeley is a public access point for people to get food. Our food pantry is just like a Little Free Library, except it's primarily for food.  It's a way for neighbors to share with neighbors and for food-based community organizations to support people directly.


This food project actively helps to fill the gaps in the food system by being open 24 hours a day to the people we serve, who really need food. We are in West Berkeley, on Rose Street at the corner of Belvedere. Here is a map so you can get there.

This project is run by a couple who live on Rose Street in Berkeley. We have been doing this project now for almost three years and our neighbors support this project for several reasons. One is that it reduces food waste. Two, it is a way for neighbors to help neighbors by providing a drop off spot for food and hygiene items like toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo and socks. Many items are dropped off that folks are willing to liberate and share. It's a food pantry and free box. People have donated ceramic cups and bowls, makeup, jewelry, electronics, dish towels... you name it. Because the items are on a shelf, they are not discarded and they are valued more. There is something about leaving anything on the ground that automatically makes it feel like trash or garbage. We care for our pantry by cleaning it daily and we just did a complete makeover by painting it and cleaning up the sidewalk around it!! 

"The Little Free Food Pantry on Rose Street is literally around the corner from me! I'm on Cedar Street, and I walk by there while bringing the girls to school or walking my dog, usually multiple times a day! I was actually about to drop off some nut butter there today. I've always wondered about the amazing souls who put so much care into creating this wholesome space in our city. I love it so much! I appreciate the inspiration they give me and truly value the connection they've brought into my world!"

- One of our neighbors who posted on Nextdoor


Our neighbors do. Anyone is welcome to take food, and give food to the pantry.  We have met seniors on a fixed income, single moms & dads, nannies, day laborers, high school kids, people who are in between jobs, people who are living in their cars and some folks who are experiencing homelessness. We love being able to offer a zero barrier way for people to get food, and make it very easy to donate food. No appointment necessary. The Little Free Food Pantry is outside on the street, and open at all times. There are usually a lot of free parking spaces right in front of it.


We are actively looking for volunteers to keep it running and for community partners who want to support our mutual aid project. If you think you might be able to help us out a few hours a month, please reach out with the contact form.


Since food prices continue to rise, we remain committed to reduce food insecurity and food waste in our neighborhood and we appreciate ACME bakery, Berkeley Food Pantry and the neighbors who have been helping to keep this project going. 

Read the article about our food sharing project in Berkeleyside

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Want to donate food? 

We would love that. We have a list here of food ideas if you are looking to drop off. Many people drop off bags of food at the pantry when they are moving, or after an event and there is food that is left over. We would love to hear from you!

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